Coaching Business Mentor

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DJ Sobanjo

24 May 2023

30m 3s

Ep 7. Getting Clients on a Limited Budget Using the Social Group Engagement Model



Welcome to Episode 7 of the Coaching Business Mentor Podcast. This episode is dedicated to all heart-led coaches who want to elevate their business, even with limited financial resources. Your host, DJ Sobanjo, returns to share a unique strategy he calls the Social Group Engagement Model.

In this episode, you'll discover:

The Concept of the Social Group Engagement Model: DJ Sobanjo provides an in-depth explanation of this strategic method for engaging with Facebook and LinkedIn groups. Learn how to participate intentionally, providing value and fostering genuine connections without being spammy.

The Power of Community: Understand why social groups offer an unmatched opportunity to connect with potential clients and how to avoid the pitfalls that many coaches face when attempting to promote their services within these groups.

How to Leverage the Social Group Engagement Model for Business Growth: Discover the exact steps to attract premium clients through strategic group engagement and how this method can act as a stepping stone for your business growth.

Overcoming Financial Obstacles in Business: Gain insights into how you can grow your coaching business with limited funds, leveraging social group engagement to eventually afford more comprehensive business solutions like the Predictable Profits Machine.

The Importance of a Sustainable Business Model: DJ Sobanjo emphasizes the significance of avoiding burnout by planning for long-term growth and success, explaining why the Social Group Engagement Model should be viewed as a temporary strategy, not a long-term solution.

Whether you're just starting or have been in the coaching business for a while, you'll find immense value in the insights shared in this episode. This episode is part one of a two-part series focusing on building your coaching business on a budget. So, buckle up for some transformative tips and strategies!