Coaching Business Mentor

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DJ Sobanjo

12 April 2023


Ep.6 Maximising Your Time, Energy & Money as You Build Your Coaching Business



Are you struggling to manage your resources while building your coaching business? In this episode, we dive into practical strategies for making the most of your money, time, and energy. Learn essential tips for efficient money management, time-saving techniques, and energy conservation tactics to help you build a thriving coaching practice. Discover how to price and package your services, leverage technology, and build a strong support network to maximize your success. Tune in and start transforming your coaching business today by maximizing your resources and unlocking your full potential as a heart-centered coach.

Introducing the topic and its importance for coaches seeking to maximize their resources.

Money Management Tips

Strategies for managing finances in your coaching business.

Investing in tools and resources for efficient business growth.

Time Management Techniques

Prioritizing tasks and using time-blocking methods.

Outsourcing and delegating to make the most of your time.

Energy Management Strategies

Identifying energy-draining tasks and finding solutions.

The importance of self-care and setting boundaries to maintain energy levels.